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About Me

Before smartphones, Gmail and YouTube I graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Interactive Multimedia and an emphasis on Graphic Design. I was taught web design during the dark ages before Web Standards and CSS. Looking back now after working professionally for a decade I'm a seasoned pro. You can't say that about too many jobs.

I've been shifting focus over the past year from Web Design to also include Web Strategy. I'm proud to announce that recently I've formed a pro bono partnership with Media Heritage, a local Cincinnati non-profit. I'll be helping plan and build Media Heritage new website as well as offer strategic help. It's something I'm very excited about and looking forward to.

A Bit More

I was born and raised in Cincinnati and that's where I live now. I had many hobbies before my daughter, Olivia was born. Even with a little one I still make time for photography and collect cameras, my favorite is a Mamiya C33 from the 1960's. I also am fond of music, making mixes, old time radio from the 40s and 50s, chess and French made steel bicycles. I also love making lists, here are five things I love about having grown up and living in the Queen City.

  1. Ault Park
  2. 1990 Reds
  3. Aglamecies
  4. Cincinnati Chili
  5. Madisono's Orange Chocolate Gelato
Portrait, taken by Sam Girton in Chicago 2008
Photo by Sam Girton


Download a PDF of my resume.